Casting Pearls

Pearls of wisdom

Differ much

From the jewels

Of nicety

In certain aspects of life


How oft then do

Pearls pass us by

Going unnoticed

As gently they do fly


Nicety soon becomes

Suspect of ulterior motive

Quickly evolving its own jewel

From pearl to peril


Remembering back

To a time when

I was much younger

And in desperate need

Of assistance

The good person

Who came to my aid

Refused gratuity


Thus stating

Not everything in life

Is about money

There are bonds of friendship

Created in the midst

Of such perils

That enrich life

Far more then

Any measure of gold


You will do well

To remember that

Fools cast pearls

Hoping to gain

Something in return

Whereas the jewel of nicety

May appear far from precious

Yet in its natural state

Holds a value often given

To things undeserving

Still nicety is the origin of pricelessness


So then if you take

This simple pearl of wisdom

And cast it upon

Those you find in need

It will never leave you

And your own

Jewel of nicety

Is the smile

That you share

Because of the pearl

You didn’t

Let pass you by



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