Promoting Love

The negative possibility

    Colliding with straight

    Forward positivity

    Over powering

    Under shadowing

    Promoting that

    Which you love


What is it then that I do love

    Seeing the forest

    For the trees

    The oceans sands and seas

    Rivers that begin

    As snow capped mountains

    And water falls

    Nature’s natural fountains


Still there is something more

    Something truly that I adore

    People yes people

    In different shapes and sizes

    All the colors of the world

    Whose eyes shine so bright

    With soul fire and the inspiration

    That they ignite


In people there is humor love and art

    All the beautiful

    Ideas that they spark

    I cannot imagine

    I shudder to think

    What would this world

    Be without art

    No music for the ears

    No paintings or photographs

    Stimulating our minds

    And what of literature

    How then could we live

    Without words stirring

    Our imagination


Then I found these words to be quite profound

  Promote what you love

  Instead of bashing what you hate    

  For in hatred humanity finds its end

   I love people

   And the art they inspire

   No matter your particular niche

   What you create

   Sets the world on fire

   Art excites the souls

   Of all mankind

   Bringing with it

   An enriched life

   Of love and laughter

   This is what I promote

    For this is what I love





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