Writers Block


The pen finds paper

Nothing flows out

Rushing waters churn

In turbulent ideas

Partial words and sentences

Blocked by a dam

Stress kills and is

Killing me faster

Than I thought

The toxicity of people

Poison the ability

The gift of art

To paint a picture

Using words

Filling in the canvas

Damn this writer’s block

Is unfinished work really art

One by one removing

Toxic relations

Try to get moving

Back to the flow

Back to my grooving

Finding that outer peace

Lends way to the inner part

For inner peace cannot

Be found when one

Is covered by a hard

Exterior shell

By any other name

Writers block

Is writers hell

The words, they found me

Late, in the deepest depths

Of a world where dreams

And reality mix

Saying wake up

You have something to say

In removing certain

Poisons from my life

And the hatred of mankind

Against each other

My armor fell off

And again I saw

The beauty of a world

Which calls me home

Flowing again through

This heart and soul

The words

Were waiting for me

It was the words

They set me free