Ice Cream

It’s fine

I’ll be quiet now

Ice cream was different

But a good substitute

For moonshine

Something’s don’t blend well

One hundred eighty proof

Is one sip away from disaster

When seeking more

Than a comfortably numb

Momentary happy feeling

Realizing that happiness

Truly is the relativity of being

Whose definition varies

From person to person

Defined by a moment often repeating

Finding one’s spirit

Corked within a bottle

Lends way to the crossing

Of a particularly fine line

Effecting the erasing of memories

Good and bad

Removing the happy

Never replacing the sad

Which makes me appreciate

From the soulish depths of my heart

That beautiful young woman

Who saw the weight of the world

From a too often repeated moment

Bearing down upon my shoulders

And said “Let’s have ice cream”

The happiest moments often repeating

The relativity of being

The main ingredient in ice cream

Is happy

I’ll be quiet now

It’s fine


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