The Letter


Thirteen years later only just discovering

What needed to be known the day before

Events taking place all those years ago

Having never been able to come completely clean

The stain reached past the heart

To the fabric of my soul

Finding a difference between blood and oil

Is that a drop of one may look like a liter of another

And that a cross is not cut as beautifully as one is drawn


Somehow I knew you would find me

But that was not my intention

Really I am sorry that you did


I found the box  

The one you were planning

To take and burry at the crossroads

That was such a dangerous game

And would have ended quite badly

My dark side paled in comparison to yours

But you always would listen before

This was the one time you would not


I could see beyond your wishes

There was no need for you to find the stars

They were seeking you in their time

Patience by virtue had never taken a soul

But a soul without it would surly

Fall to what evil lurks behind shadows

In realms not of this earth



You see I needed to go

I had stayed longer than planned

Just needing to be sure

You would arrive on time to your destiny

As did you for mine

There finally was an understanding

For your ability to love without condition

Short of knowing you let me feel it

That in itself was the most pleasant

Experience of my short life


It made me happy

When you set fire to the box

Even though my spirit was its only witness


I knew you would be angry for leaving you behind

And even though I didn’t want you to be there

Taking my last breath with you seemed right

The bandages were the sweetest gesture

The room was such a mess

Thank you for being there

And then eventually letting me find the light


Stars never come in the way we imagine them

But they do arrive at the precise time fate has called

They often move through our lives

Without such intimate contact

But every once in a while

One stops to make sure

That we arrive on time




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