The Reason


Day after catatonic day

No matter the weather

Sitting watching staring

In directions of unknown hope  

Distant figures moving closer

Until tender gentle waking

Finding reason for existence

Just craving embellishment

Closer now than ever before

To being that person seen

In the deepest depths

Of dreams past present

And futures still to come

In the whisper of your voice

Love planted a seed

And in your touch a key

A key to unlock the chains

Which imprisoned a heart

There is a certain freedom

In the aura of your air

I breathed you in and found life

You gave me the liberty to be myself

I wasn’t broken when you found me

But you gave me the reason to wake

And stand up out of my own inhibitions

Finding the ability to love again

In a manner so all or nothing

There could never be recourse

Love defined itself in a way

That when I woke up

You were waiting for me




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