You Don’t Have to Take Your Clothes Off

I wanted to know you before you did that

Your smile said enough to ignite curiosity

There is a fire deep in your eyes

Its source is something essential

To the knowledge of

Who what when where and how you are

Able to laugh in such a manner so attractive

Having such a radiant glow around you

That others feel the invitation to make greeting

Words passed between making conversation

Finding contrast in opinions creates stimulation

How lovely is it then that two people

Find attraction in casual disagreement

Intelligence is striking

And knowledge makes it beautiful

How then did you stray so far as to share

Such intimate details of yourself

With the entirety of the world

Has cultural demise made humanity so shallow

That you would or even should feel a need

Such as this to expose yourself

Even unto the naked truth

To find some here today

Gone tomorrow popularity

There is so much more to you

Than what is underneath

You don’t have to take your clothes off

I wanted to know you before you did that



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