Swallowed by the Cracks



It’s raining draining pain escalating

Swallowed by the cracks

Gone are the days

Of calling elements

And moving the heavens to earth

Dancing about immersed in stars

Not a care in the world

This is the memory of balance

Which cancels the one of her tragic death

Ten years lying dying

Ten years wasted trying

To cheat life just to be with her

Opium booze vodkanol snooze

Rainbow haze lasts for a minute

Not for days

Who am I where are you

Swallowed by the cracks

Killing me softly slowly

You think that you do

But you don’t even know me

Smile and joke ego stoke

Hiding sadness hiding fear hiding

Dark shadows dark secrets

Haunted by her ghost

Chemical vein to ease the pain

Strong drink of forget me not

Once again somber

Not at all sober

Swallowed by the cracks

There is hope in understanding

Life changes and heart mending


Is the anger that stood between

A ghost and the light

No matter how much I chew it

Ego swallows hard

Admitting that I am wrong

It’s raining draining pain escalating

Swallowed by the cracks

Sometimes sight is short

And only someone close

Can see far enough into the future

Enabling us to arrive on time

The words “I forgive you”

Lifted the veil allowing her to find the light

No more hiding no more fear

This is a real smile and almost no more tears

I can still feel her all around me

Especially on a star filled night

But, I have a new voice of reason

Who keeps me grounded while I fight

My future goes beyond tomorrow

The day that never comes

And my voice of reason

Does not reside within my head

However, she does live with me

And I am no longer swallowed by the cracks  



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