Shut This Off


I need to go somewhere


This has to be shut off

If only just for a minute

That could seem like hours

Insanity ensues

Trying to wake the dead

Grave keeper grave digger

The result of beating ones

Head against immoveable objects

Trying to find the balance

Any balance

Seeing the future used to be fun

But we never looked far enough

To know the fear

Night vision for some

Is entirely different

Where the future comes to life

Behind closed eyes

In four dimensional Technicolor

And what future is this

Why is fire the color of fear

Black are the skies of day

Choking on smoke laden air

Something went bang in the night

The intensely bright white flash

Disquietingly awake breathe deep

The stagnant air

No longer wanting to play the game

While night after night after day

Within every eye closing

New chapters of the future

Reveal themselves unto the cursed

Time in time again from gentle whispers

To violent shaking there is urgent need for waking

And still the dead are asleep

My heart is dying my soul is crying

I need to go somewhere anywhere

This has to be shut off








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