My America


I woke up this morning having absolutely no idea where I live.

No not my address or anything like that

But somewhere in the deep dark shadows of night

My America has been stolen.

Remembering when we were kids

Playing in the dirt

With toy pickup trucks

And games of stick ball

Wearing high top chucks

We had Levis 501’s shrink to fit

Boss meant bitchin bad cool rad and sic

We pledged allegiance to the flag

And sang my country tis of thee

This really meant something

Back in the land of the free

We were brownies cubs girl and boy scouts

And learned a lot of things

But most of all respect for everything

There was a time back in school

With great interest we found out

How this country came to be

My sweet land of liberty

Everyone worked hard and strived for greatness

There were good leaders and there where bad

Then came one and we lost everything we had

Rebuilding wasn’t easy but had to be done

Neighbors helping neighbors it’s because of them we won

There were ups and downs for better and worse

Strange things happening before our eyes

Hidden agendas scandals and a whole big pack of lies

Along came a spider who sat down beside her

America where have you gone

Genetically modified amber waves of grain

Meet purple mountains majesty  

Topped with an unnatural  tic tac toe

While people seem to be waiting even hoping for

A zombie apocalypse not even realizing

That they may already be one

What evil lurks in the hearts of man

I am not a crook

I did not have sex with that girl

Is the stand that they took

By the way could you tell me what you mean by the word is

Oil greed dictation dictator need

Nanny state nanny nation

Speak out righteous indignation

Testing a virus on your own people

Start with children teach them well

Education demise

Shoot kids and demonize

Demoralize a nation

Burning our forefathers creation 

Indoctrinated curriculum

What do you call teachers

Who teach children to be dumb

America where have you gone

Race riots race wars ideological political whores

Separation of church and state

Unless it’s that other one deciding Americas fate

Redistribution is the word of the day

So work really hard so they can take it all away

Corporate America is not participating

So the only thing being redistributed is the lack of wealth

The poor feeding the poor without consent

We have a president who will not salute the flag

But bows to a religious king

Old glory fading fast where is the America of my youth

Respect for anything is long forgotten

While some are jailed for teaching it by example


Internal civil war

Why all the concentration camps filled with black boxes

Hollow point bullets violate the Geneva Convention

But serve up genocide hot and ready

Poisoned food poisoned water poisoned air

Vaccination assassination

Slow death filling coffers

Before filling coffins

Why not profit from depopulation

Why not

When the world’s population

Has been reduced

After all the profits gathered

And they have killed us all

Who then will be left for them to rule

A one world government will never work

They will destroy the earth in the process

Of deciding who will be the leader

When in reality the last world war will be fought

Not over oil but in the name of clean water

 America used to be on the cutting edge of every thing

Now we are going backwards at a rate somewhere equal

To the speed of light while other countries

Are advancing out of where we are going

Right now America is one ugly caterpillar

I wonder if it will ever again emerge as

The butterfly of my youth



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