Broken Souls


Impact chasm crack 

Heart to heart and soul to soul

Flat line failure

Downward spiral crash

It’s not so much that my heart

Was broken

As the cracking of my soul

Trick swindle scam

Take advantage of who I am

Year after year erosion takes its toll

Unseen unknown ever so weary

Heavy is the heart connected

To a broken soul

Yet life goes on living

Fragmented foundation

Heart still giving

Believing there is good

In every living being



Far beyond the astral plains

In a shadow under the

Mountains of Forevermore

Lies a deep valley

Whose name is long forgotten

Where broken souls

Find rest and become whole again



Now I lay me down to rest

Heal this broken soul

Before there comes another test


Amazing is the heart

Though broken, keeps beating

Miraculous is the soul though shattered

Empowers living

And that which enables life

Becomes the most powerful thing in the universe

Perseverance then explains the broken soul




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