You Don’t Have to Take Your Clothes Off

I wanted to know you before you did that

Your smile said enough to ignite curiosity

There is a fire deep in your eyes

Its source is something essential

To the knowledge of

Who what when where and how you are

Able to laugh in such a manner so attractive

Having such a radiant glow around you

That others feel the invitation to make greeting

Words passed between making conversation

Finding contrast in opinions creates stimulation

How lovely is it then that two people

Find attraction in casual disagreement

Intelligence is striking

And knowledge makes it beautiful

How then did you stray so far as to share

Such intimate details of yourself

With the entirety of the world

Has cultural demise made humanity so shallow

That you would or even should feel a need

Such as this to expose yourself

Even unto the naked truth

To find some here today

Gone tomorrow popularity

There is so much more to you

Than what is underneath

You don’t have to take your clothes off

I wanted to know you before you did that






A person with a prejudiced belief

That one race is superior to others

This word has wings

It fly’s now more

Than anytime

In all my life 

As a child of the sixties

Being raised in

Lower middle class America

I learned that there

Are a different types

Of color blindness

The one that I have

Is not some birth defect

It’s a learned attribute

I heard DR. Martin Luther king’s

Speech “I have a Dream”

And when he said “judge a man

Not by the color of his skin

But by the content of his character”

I already understood this

There have been a lot of years                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          From then to now

Some with race riots some with race wars

There were even those who rose up

In the name of god

Whose content so lacking

Made them no more righteous

Than the rest of the bigoted

Here we are 50 years later

I’m green and you’re blue

We don’t agree on any opinions

Maybe it’s because we are both assholes

At least in that respect we concur

That is the content of our character

And Mr. President

I do not agree with you                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 On much of anything

It has nothing to do                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With the color of your skin

You see I am color blind

I don’t even see fifty shades of gray

And yet you call me a racist based on what?

Pokémon doesn’t have a race card

Did you know that?

So because you think that

The president of the United States

Can at will change the definition of a word

That in itself makes me

A  R-A-C-I-S-T

I see you as just a man and nothing more

I disagree with your concept of America

On the grounds of opposing opinions


And because I question everything

Why is it that this country

Has become the hatred of decades gone by

Why does a government have an agenda

To create more racism


Maybe we should all remove our hands

From the shoving motion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In each other’s throats

Biased opinions never serve up very well


There are people of all races and religions

Who sometimes do stupid things

And I have an allergic reaction to that

There is a difference between hatred and an allergy

So imagine what it’s like for me

When I do something stupid

The anaphylactic shock is nearly fatal


Not being infallible    

I have always made claim

To not be a racist

However socio demography has

At times caused bits of anger to enter

Waking certain genetics from hibernation

Causing me to hate unequally

This is the shame of my own humanity

I really don’t want to see colors

My parents never taught me racism

If only we could all just be color blind



Sleeping Beauty

There in the pale blue light
Sitting in the separation
Of morning and night
Watching curiously
What became
The nocturnal whisper
Which said my name
Calling me calling me
To this place
Wondering what fire
Burns behind closed eyes
Waiting for the moment
Patiently knowing
That waking should
Be a natural thing
Yet she lay there
In quiet calm
Peaceful dreaming
Beauty sleeping
Studying deeply
Such a wondrous sight
Even now even so
She touched me
I feel it this I know
Time growing short
Soon birds will sing
Songs of morning
What then shall become me
When she wakes and sees
That I have been enamored
By silent splendor
Found while watching
Sleeping beauty

Broken Souls


Impact chasm crack 

Heart to heart and soul to soul

Flat line failure

Downward spiral crash

It’s not so much that my heart

Was broken

As the cracking of my soul

Trick swindle scam

Take advantage of who I am

Year after year erosion takes its toll

Unseen unknown ever so weary

Heavy is the heart connected

To a broken soul

Yet life goes on living

Fragmented foundation

Heart still giving

Believing there is good

In every living being



Far beyond the astral plains

In a shadow under the

Mountains of Forevermore

Lies a deep valley

Whose name is long forgotten

Where broken souls

Find rest and become whole again



Now I lay me down to rest

Heal this broken soul

Before there comes another test


Amazing is the heart

Though broken, keeps beating

Miraculous is the soul though shattered

Empowers living

And that which enables life

Becomes the most powerful thing in the universe

Perseverance then explains the broken soul



Swallowed by the Cracks



It’s raining draining pain escalating

Swallowed by the cracks

Gone are the days

Of calling elements

And moving the heavens to earth

Dancing about immersed in stars

Not a care in the world

This is the memory of balance

Which cancels the one of her tragic death

Ten years lying dying

Ten years wasted trying

To cheat life just to be with her

Opium booze vodkanol snooze

Rainbow haze lasts for a minute

Not for days

Who am I where are you

Swallowed by the cracks

Killing me softly slowly

You think that you do

But you don’t even know me

Smile and joke ego stoke

Hiding sadness hiding fear hiding

Dark shadows dark secrets

Haunted by her ghost

Chemical vein to ease the pain

Strong drink of forget me not

Once again somber

Not at all sober

Swallowed by the cracks

There is hope in understanding

Life changes and heart mending


Is the anger that stood between

A ghost and the light

No matter how much I chew it

Ego swallows hard

Admitting that I am wrong

It’s raining draining pain escalating

Swallowed by the cracks

Sometimes sight is short

And only someone close

Can see far enough into the future

Enabling us to arrive on time

The words “I forgive you”

Lifted the veil allowing her to find the light

No more hiding no more fear

This is a real smile and almost no more tears

I can still feel her all around me

Especially on a star filled night

But, I have a new voice of reason

Who keeps me grounded while I fight

My future goes beyond tomorrow

The day that never comes

And my voice of reason

Does not reside within my head

However, she does live with me

And I am no longer swallowed by the cracks  


Shut This Off


I need to go somewhere


This has to be shut off

If only just for a minute

That could seem like hours

Insanity ensues

Trying to wake the dead

Grave keeper grave digger

The result of beating ones

Head against immoveable objects

Trying to find the balance

Any balance

Seeing the future used to be fun

But we never looked far enough

To know the fear

Night vision for some

Is entirely different

Where the future comes to life

Behind closed eyes

In four dimensional Technicolor

And what future is this

Why is fire the color of fear

Black are the skies of day

Choking on smoke laden air

Something went bang in the night

The intensely bright white flash

Disquietingly awake breathe deep

The stagnant air

No longer wanting to play the game

While night after night after day

Within every eye closing

New chapters of the future

Reveal themselves unto the cursed

Time in time again from gentle whispers

To violent shaking there is urgent need for waking

And still the dead are asleep

My heart is dying my soul is crying

I need to go somewhere anywhere

This has to be shut off







Maybe it’s Just


Why is it that when I tell

A woman that she is beautiful

It is so hard for her to believe

What happened in her life

That makes me suspect

For recognizing something

I see deep within

And fail to understand

Is there something projected

Falsely revealing motives

Not my own

This guilt by gender association

Labels me into a group

Whose intentions may

Be less than honorable

Which insults me to

The core of my character

If by chance a stranger

Remarks about the beauty

He sees in you

Maybe it is just to see your smile

And not find his way

Into your pants


My America


I woke up this morning having absolutely no idea where I live.

No not my address or anything like that

But somewhere in the deep dark shadows of night

My America has been stolen.

Remembering when we were kids

Playing in the dirt

With toy pickup trucks

And games of stick ball

Wearing high top chucks

We had Levis 501’s shrink to fit

Boss meant bitchin bad cool rad and sic

We pledged allegiance to the flag

And sang my country tis of thee

This really meant something

Back in the land of the free

We were brownies cubs girl and boy scouts

And learned a lot of things

But most of all respect for everything

There was a time back in school

With great interest we found out

How this country came to be

My sweet land of liberty

Everyone worked hard and strived for greatness

There were good leaders and there where bad

Then came one and we lost everything we had

Rebuilding wasn’t easy but had to be done

Neighbors helping neighbors it’s because of them we won

There were ups and downs for better and worse

Strange things happening before our eyes

Hidden agendas scandals and a whole big pack of lies

Along came a spider who sat down beside her

America where have you gone

Genetically modified amber waves of grain

Meet purple mountains majesty  

Topped with an unnatural  tic tac toe

While people seem to be waiting even hoping for

A zombie apocalypse not even realizing

That they may already be one

What evil lurks in the hearts of man

I am not a crook

I did not have sex with that girl

Is the stand that they took

By the way could you tell me what you mean by the word is

Oil greed dictation dictator need

Nanny state nanny nation

Speak out righteous indignation

Testing a virus on your own people

Start with children teach them well

Education demise

Shoot kids and demonize

Demoralize a nation

Burning our forefathers creation 

Indoctrinated curriculum

What do you call teachers

Who teach children to be dumb

America where have you gone

Race riots race wars ideological political whores

Separation of church and state

Unless it’s that other one deciding Americas fate

Redistribution is the word of the day

So work really hard so they can take it all away

Corporate America is not participating

So the only thing being redistributed is the lack of wealth

The poor feeding the poor without consent

We have a president who will not salute the flag

But bows to a religious king

Old glory fading fast where is the America of my youth

Respect for anything is long forgotten

While some are jailed for teaching it by example


Internal civil war

Why all the concentration camps filled with black boxes

Hollow point bullets violate the Geneva Convention

But serve up genocide hot and ready

Poisoned food poisoned water poisoned air

Vaccination assassination

Slow death filling coffers

Before filling coffins

Why not profit from depopulation

Why not

When the world’s population

Has been reduced

After all the profits gathered

And they have killed us all

Who then will be left for them to rule

A one world government will never work

They will destroy the earth in the process

Of deciding who will be the leader

When in reality the last world war will be fought

Not over oil but in the name of clean water

 America used to be on the cutting edge of every thing

Now we are going backwards at a rate somewhere equal

To the speed of light while other countries

Are advancing out of where we are going

Right now America is one ugly caterpillar

I wonder if it will ever again emerge as

The butterfly of my youth


Politically Inept


I am so fucking tired

Of people tip toeing

Around like they’re

On goddamn eggshells

Afraid they will

Offend someone

But it’s politically correct

To have a hand in the death

Of innocent people

In the name of not offending

Someone or some labeled

Group of people

How is it that it becomes okay

To snuff out children in the name

Of being politically correct

Or is it just an excuse

For the agenda of a shadow

There is a degree of diplomacy

That will tell another party how it is

In a way to not create anger

Whether or not it is politically correct

But when our leaders lack diplomatic skill

And lay the blame on being PC

Which by the way stands for

Personal computer

They have become nothing more than

Politically inept