A Warriors Prayer

My weapons locked and loaded

Whether it be a gun or a pen

Sleep with one eye open

In case evil will rush in

May my aim be sharp and straight

One shot for one kill

Mine enemies only shall I waste

My movements and judgments

Never made in haste

A defender of freedom

Bearing the warriors heart within

Fighting for life liberty

And the pursuit of happiness

Shall never be a sin

I do not abide by tyranny
Nor do I those
Who would and will
Try to shove this oppression
Upon my person
I realize that I may not
Survive this fight
But I can and do rest
In the assurance that
My destiny met me in
The midst of the fight
If and when what remains
Of me is recovered
My guns will be empty
Along with the evil souls
I enabled to find their torment
When mine disappeared that day 



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