Sold Out (Faded Glory


I pledge allegiance to the flag

Of a country so divided no longer united

It’s states only are America

There is no republic for which it stands

And my country tis of the

Sweet land of liberty

Fades off into the night

Along with its stars and stripes

No matter how it’s worded

We all took the same oath

To uphold and protect the constitution

Pieces of eight sealed our fate

With deals struck on yachts

Twin Judas joined fourteen

At a table set for twelve plus one

Cemeteries filled far and wide

Blood was shed and tears were cried  

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Lost now to the wind of one lone bugle

Playing Butterfields Lullaby also known as Taps

“Day is done gone the sun” later falls the night

Eyesight dims to the faded glory

Cheapened by the selling out of this nation

Row after row of white crosses

Marking graves of those

Who traded life for liberty

Fulfilling their solemn oath  

Finding it unbelievable that these

One million plus men and women

Who fought in every war

Since the declaration of independence

All died in vain

Sixteen people committed treason today

The reason for the season

Begins the dawning of the dead





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