A Pill

I am a pill

I was synthesized

From a combination

Of herbs and other plants

Provided by mother earth

I have a job which has nothing

To do with your healing

I treat a symptom and mask the problem

I come with a list of side effects

That can be treated by other pills

With their own list

All of which include possible death

At this point treatment concludes

Because it is final the one great absolute

As a pill I find a certain humor

In a system of attorney’s

Practicing law

Apparently they can’t get it right either

Advertising that if you have suffered

Any of these side effects or have died

You may already have a case!

Now I didn’t do that and I am not to blame

However I do feel that I should have

Been tested more thoroughly

Before you ingested me with a full glass of water

Preferably directly after a meal

I heard a rumor that my ancestors   

You know the plant kingdom

Work just as well if not potentially better

Than I do curing the problem

Where the only side effect listed is health

The FDA told me to shut my mouth

For I am just a pill




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