My Genetically Modified Existence

How many pills was that

Fifteen and that’s just this morning

Plus a shot of insulin

Symptom condition side affect

Vaccination killing nation

Pharmaceutical neglect   

Money and greed

Prescribing what you need

Why does the blood glow when I bleed

Bedside manner what’s the matter

Why do you say we’ll try this and that

We practice it, Medicine everyday

Hoping to become really very good

But for now we are all

Just highly educated guessers

Mother Nature nomenclature  

Providing essentials to sustain life

Original form no longer the norm

Seeds modified to resist poison

Become that which they resist

Nutritional value shrinking number

Big beautiful worthless cucumber

Hydroponics hooked on phonics

What language do you speak

Heirloom seeds fulfill your needs

Don’t die from what you eat  

We can feed the world that’s the rumor

By the way here’s your tumor

Pharmaceutically synthesized crap

They want you sick here’s the trick

Obamacare meant to scare it’s a snare

Oh you’re dying that’s not covered

There is no provision for that

Who knew that in my

Genetically modified existence

Dying from natural causes

Would be classified

As a bullet to the head



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