Would be King


I am not

Some well-known person of character

However I am just a voice of one

And people they don’t listen

Fame did not precede me

Still, I am a voice

Of one whose life was never so sheltered

As to not see what goes on around this land

It’s a pity, that I see more with one strained eye

Than the many who have perfect vision

Or, is it that I have become more aware

I have never been against equality

America was always known to be the land

Where everyone had the equal chance

To make it or die trying

This is opportunity

It’s funny how that equal chance has changed

To something that would and did only work on paper

This thought of equality finds absurdity

By definition in one man’s vision

The pay it forward notion

For the growing mass of the lazy

A system created to help the indigent

Find their feet again on solid ground

So abused that careers are made

From lack of investigation

And corruption found a new descriptive

In the word entitlement

Every day the percentage grows higher

As the fed up want to be fed

What then is the price of funded equality

While infrastructure crumbles

In the name of fair share for the masses

There is then no appreciation for what is given

And even less for what is taken

Society then spins out of control

While people still go to work every day

And others work one day every four years

To cast their vote of entitlement

For a man who in his own mind

Would be king




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