We All Fall


They take it

More of it everyday

Did they ask you

No they just took it

Your life blood your liberty

Sleep with one eye open

Thieves by day thieves at night

This government is a thug

It sells guns it sells drugs

You elect them

What do they do

Get addicted to greed

Then they turn on you

People, I hear them say

That was for then

It’s not for today

If not then what is

A divided nation

Who then shall we defend

Still they take your money

It’s against you that they spend

Now you are part of a created distraction

While sinister plans begin to take action

Wake up please we still have time

Brothers in arms and no party line

There is a chance to find paradise

On this runaway rail straight to hell

If not then

Ashes ashes

We all fall


Katovski ©2013



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