This is The Valley

Yea though I walk

Through the valley

Of a shadow

Where death does reside

I will fear no evil

For I have walked this path

Many times before

Finding now and questioning 

How is it then

That as years pass by

Evil has become so sinister

Morality has all but fled

The hearts of mankind

As an ever expanding government

Invites itself to dinner

While telling us all how to prepare it

And what of new born life

Finding its way into a world

Racked with decay

Already facing a huge burden

Tell me please

How are they expected to grow up

When the world is spinning

So far out of control

That there is no perception

Of what wrong or right really is

We have leaders that lack leadership

So we the people have no example to follow

This is the legacy

Being passed on to generations to come

Baby boomers are retiring

Gen x is up to bat

While generation genocide just appeared

Like a cancer out of control

The only conceivable way to fight

This wicked malignancy

Is to cut the means on which it feeds

This is the valley

To where evil should be lead

This is the valley

Where death waits to do its part

Saying fear not this evil

Just do your part





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