The Expendable American

 We the people of the United States

In order to form a more perfect union

With lasers marking targets

Waiting for permission to fire

Establish Justice,

Sending out a wire begging for help

Insure domestic Tranquility,

AC-130’s airborne

Fingers on the triggers

Still waiting

Provide for the common defense,

More wires sent no answer

Targets locked and waiting on the order

Promote the general Welfare,

Soldiers fighting to protect diplomats

And secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves

Outnumbered by shear mass and weaponry

Pilots and crew wondering

Where is the order

And our Posterity,

With UAV hovering over head

Do ordain and establish

That these cries for help did not fall on deaf ears

This Constitution for the United States of America.

Be it resolved that such establishment

Finds necessity to pick and choose

Which of its soldiers and diplomats

Shall become the expendable American

While blame for the lack of leadership

In the eyes of America plants itself firmly

In the direction of the three fingers past index

On the ones who would point their finger in blame



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