Something Evil


All is quiet over the city

As something lurks

Deep in the shadows

Hidden from most

There are those who

See and cry out

To warn others

Who laugh in disbelief

They smirk and shout

This is America

That will never happen here

You drank the poison

Your complacency is a disease

The only thing united in these states

Is what the media tells you to believe

This used to be America Land of the free

There is something evil

Working behind closed doors

Sometimes hidden by shadows

And even right out in the street

That shot you took you know the one

A vaccine for something called H1N1

You are part of an experiment

And now your mind is not your own

You will do what they say

And give up your life your job your home

We now live in a country

That feels its elderly are a liability

It used to be called golden years

Until they found that was just

A figure of speech

That’s the funny thing about greed

Once it starts to grow it never stops

So your grandmother

You know the one you hold so dear

How does it make you feel

When the government says she is expendable

To me

That’s something evil








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