Political Joke

 Democracy hypocrisy

Oath of office political joke

House of cards dark shadows

Here’s a dagger and a cloak

Having awakened long ago

I realize today that I no longer

Live in the United States of America

Even though I stand on its soil

It has become some twilight zone

Of a country that has already made

The republic for which it stands 

Become a living oxymoron

While millions still wonder who is who

In the grand façade of for and by the people

An even greater game of charades plays out

Created situations aligning delegations

Cruel inhumane this is for you conformity

Fuel prices through the roof

Cost of food follows suit

Poison water poison air

Poison poison everywhere

Soldiers oath the point is moot

Asking  Generals will they shoot

It’s funny how a soldier is the only one

Who honors his oath

Standing on a hill overlooking a battlefield

From the war of Yankee aggression

I was overwhelmed with the desire to just go home

If only now I knew where that is


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