Taste of Truth


My illusions All destroyed

Yes I found the truth

The sun rise found another day

Chemtrail go away

Broke and hungry

Having nothing

Still, I would rather know

The truth

Bullshit spews from the other side

Of the mouth on their second face

Hide what they may

Choose the correct one

And someone knows the truth

Silver tongue you speak dung

New language from the hill

I had a dream

Whose failure is yesterday’s illusion

It’s a sunny day in paradise

That’s the lie I tell myself everyday

Drawing this conclusion

Whatever I need

To sleep tonight without the light

Finding solace behind closed eyes

Dreaming dreams of pleasant things

Before morning shatters the night

A tiny voice calling out calling loud

Wake up, truth is at hand

Standing up and out of sugar coating

Finding knowledge

Knowing exactly where it is that I stand

Reality bites hard

As another dream finds its end

In the breaking of illusion’s emergency glass

And still I would rather know the truth

Search it find it hide it seek it

Don’t deny it taste its bitter fruit

And the truth shall set you free

Living now in the beautiful last days

Of my own Soylent Green reality

My illusions All destroyed

And yes I found the truth




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