Ounce of Truth

There was an assassination attempt

Made today on the American people

Not in body but in the content

Of their character

Questions went unanswered

The DOW closed down 400 points

Still gold and platinum soared

It seems that all things rare

Hold the higher value

Enter the prospector

Searching for truth

Nary a vein could be found

In or around the capitol

For there one can only find fools truth

Or maybe a few old eroded flakes of truth

Yet the prospector went on digging

Hoping to become rich

Beyond his wildest dreams

If then he were actually able

To find that which had eluded him

For a life time

What would be its value?

Surely he would never have to work again

For priceless is that which is as nearly

Impossible to find as one ounce of truth



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