Financial melt down

Planned crashing of the dollar

Political activist

Rendition camps

Leaders killing citizens

Are not leaders

Ghosts are walking this land

And killing fields have come back to life

As Stalin Pol Pot Hitler and Mau

Have risen from the grave

Are prophesies coming true?

Did the meek really inherit the earth?

Or have they already been snuffed out

By generation genocide

Self-sufficient self-sacrifice 401K

Independence dying executive order

Freedom flounder a dictator takes it all away

Gun grab olive drab forced point of view

Auto responders form letters they drank the poison too

Civil war is contradiction in terms

And a new revolution seems likely at hand

Ignoring the constitution is killing

The America for which it stands

Fox news Howard Hughes

Hollywood kissing ass

Lie upon sugar coated lie

Vaccination destination the dumbing of a nation

GMO way to go you are what you eat

Wake up one more time just in time no more time

Someone pushed the button

Mushroom cloud more than one

global warming no more fun

Fire is the only way to completely cleanse the earth




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