Circles Go Fully Around

Watching the sun rise on still another day

As the liberty bell’s freedom slowly bleeds away

How many times throughout history

Did one man have a vision

Who slaughtered his countrymen

For making an informed decision

Circles have no beginning and they have no end

But what they do, is come fully around

America is dying from some not so rare disease

Governing bodies have the power to fix it

But are too in love with their greed

There are wars that kill countries

And form two more in its place

Governments murder citizens filling mass graves

We hear rumors of terrors coming from within

And words like atrocity the new original sin

The complacent sit fat thinking this will never be

This is the USA this can’t happen to me

Turn off the television go clear your mind

Take a look around see what’s happened

While you were blind

Then I think of my son my own flesh and blood

We raised you with the freedom to make

Your own choice

Understanding there is always a consequence

For every action

I understand you wanting to join a force

Defending what you believe  

I want to give you my open and honest reaction

So if you have ever listened to anything I say

Please listen now please listen to me today

There may come a time when we stand

On opposite sides of the fence

Brother against brother father sister mother

Blood is thicker than water 

And you still have the choice to do what is right

I will not rise up in arms it is you I will not fight

However I will tell you I love you

Before we go our separate ways

Just know I am proud of you

And what you have come to be

There once was a word called freedom

There once was a land of the free

It became a third world nation it repeated history

©Katovski 2013


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