1st Amendment

Free speech that’s what I’m talking about

There’s a storm coming trying to shut our mouth

Watch out for the men in black cross a line they attack

Pushing back our freedom one fence panel at a time


It’s a juxtaposition standing in opposition

Of an administration gone wild

This is not racist there is no ism

One voice then four score more 

Before the cloud of cataclysm

Knocks down the door

Speak up wake up speak out now shout

Do you understand what’s about to take place

It’s all about freedom not at all about race

Standing with my sisters standing with my brothers

Blind in one eye and I don’t see colors

This has nothing to do with the color of anyone’s skin

But has everything to do with the content within


It’s almost impossible to sleep most nights

While this administration shreds the constitution

And burns our bill of rights

How long do you think free speech will last

While we the people sit on our hands instead of getting off our ass

These rights came with no guarantee

Except for the second one in the advent of tyranny


Free speech is something to cherish

Don’t let it fade away

Due to the content of someone’s character



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